Jilin University "211 Project" Key Discipline Construction Project Tour

Foreword: Since the third phase of the “211 Project” construction of Jilin University has been fully implemented since September 2008, the school adheres to the construction policy of “strengthening advantages, highlighting characteristics, strengthening innovation, and breaking through key points”, carefully planning, strengthening management, and actively organizing key points. The construction of the subject project successfully completed the construction of the third phase of the “211 Project” and achieved the goal of the third phase of the “211 Project”. In order to further bring into play the construction efficiency of the “211 Project” project of the school and highlight the effectiveness of key discipline construction, the Jida News Network Collaborative Discipline Construction Office jointly carried out the “211 Project” three-phase construction tour to fully display and summarize the construction situation. The construction project of “New Structure and New Effect of Substances under Extreme Conditions Such as Ultra High Pressure” relies on two key disciplines of condensed matter physics, atomic and molecular physics, and is mainly composed of the State Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials, Atomic and Molecular Physics. Institute of Physics, construction. The new structure, new properties and new functional materials of condensed matter under extreme conditions such as high pressure; atomic and molecular interactions under extreme conditions, quantum behavioral regulation and novel physical properties; establishment and innovation of experimental methods and experimental techniques under extreme conditions such as high pressure He has made important original work in the main research direction, promoted the development of condensed matter physics and atomic and molecular physics in China, formed a research system under extreme conditions such as high pressure with Chinese characteristics, and occupied a place in an active international academic community. Appropriate high-level talents with innovative thinking and international competitiveness. During the construction period, the project construction will aim at the national strategic needs or the frontier of scientific development, carry out research on major scientific issues or key technologies, and create first-class achievements at home and abroad. At the same time, it faces the main battlefield of national economic and social development, effectively solves a large number of scientific and technological problems in the development of relevant industries, and plays a supporting platform for key disciplines in scientific research, team building, and personnel training, and has achieved outstanding construction results. Through the third phase of the “211 Project”, the academic status and academic level of the physics major in the world have been greatly improved. According to the International Science and Technology Group of the United States, the Science and Technology Group (Essential Science Indicators) (ESI) 2011 According to the updated data on March 3, 2011, the Physics Department of Jilin University entered the top 1% of the world's ESI academic rankings, ranking 426th. In terms of scientific research, it has undertaken 148 projects of the “973 Program” (2 projects of the Chief Scientist Project), key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, and provincial and ministerial commissions, with a total funding of 115 million yuan, including 91 national-level projects. 1.08 billion yuan, won the Jilin Province Science and Technology Progress Award for four consecutive years from 2008 to 2011, including 2 first prizes and 2 second prizes. In 2011, it won 1 scientific research achievement award from the Ministry of Education. In Nature (1st unit, 1 collaboration), Science (1 collaboration), PNAS (7th unit), PRL (8th unit), Angew. Chem. Int. Ed (first unit) 2) Published 1067 SCI academic papers in internationally renowned academic journals, and published more than 220 articles in high-level journals with an impact factor of 3 or higher. Published in "NATURE" magazine, the first research results of the transformation of sodium metal into insulator under high pressure were selected, and the "Top Ten News of China's Basic Research" was selected in 2009, which caused great repercussions at home and abroad. In terms of team building, we will strengthen high-end leadership, attach importance to the introduction and cultivation of high-level talents, attach importance to the selection and training of outstanding young talents, and attach importance to the construction of innovative teams. Professor Xie Shuo, a well-known scientist in the field of high pressure, was selected into the national “Thousand Talents Plan” and made a major breakthrough in the introduction of talents for the “Thousand Talents Program”. 1 member of the Disciplinary Review Group of the State Council Academic Degree Committee, 2 Distinguished Professors of Changjiang Scholars, 2 National Outstanding Youth Fund Winners, 5 New Century/Cross-Century Talents of the Ministry of Education, Innovation of “Changjiang Scholars and Innovation Team Development Plan” 1 team. Through the third phase of the “211 Project”, the original innovation ability of the discipline has been enhanced, aiming at the international frontier issues in the high-pressure direction and related fields, giving full play to the advantages of disciplines, and attaching importance to the cross-integration with materials, chemistry, geology and other related disciplines, forming a high level. Scientific research builds a platform, builds an innovation team based on the platform, and promotes a virtuous cycle model of discipline development with the talent of team talent. The overall comprehensive strength of the discipline has been significantly improved, and the conditions and research and teaching environment have been further improved, expanding the influence and popularity of the physics discipline at home and abroad.

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