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China Hardware Business Network Henan Sangong Bird Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing various ultrasonic blade repairs, and provides customers with domestic professional ultrasonic blade repair, ipl hair removal instrument repair x3f2e6an, ultrasonic blade repair, etc. Since its establishment in 2016-11-17, the company adheres to the principle of "people-oriented" and adheres to the basic policy of "survive by quality and develop by credibility", and the company's performance is booming. Based on Henan Province, market-oriented, thinking about what customers want and what customers want.

Since its establishment in 2016-11-17, Henan Sangong Bird Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in business services, other business services, and professional services in beauty salons. At present, branches and offices have spread across many cities and regions across the country. A product distribution and service network centered in Zhengzhou City and Zhongyuan District and covering the whole country has been established. Details of extension and expansion: Technical specifications and basic requirements of Johnson & Johnson Ultrasonic Blade 1. Product name: ULTRACISIONHARMONICSCALPELGEN300 SYSTEM2, host model: GEN3003, host input: voltage: 100-240VAC frequency: 50 / 60HZ current: 3AMP4, working environment: temperature: 18-23 Degree of humidity: 10-90% air pressure: 700-1060hpa5, safety level: UL2601-1CSAC22.2601.1EN60601-16, GEN300 cutter head vibration frequency is 55,500HZ, which is the highest vibration frequency achieved by the current technology, which can cut and coagulate at the same time 7. The vibration amplitude of the GEN300 cutter head is 60-100 microns to ensure the best cutting coagulation effect. 8. The GEN300 can perform endoscopic surgery, and it is feasible to open the surgery. 9. The GEN300 is the latest generation of digital design, and the power transmission stability is improved. , Can carry a larger load 10, the GEN300 handle contains a smart chip, provides system diagnostic functions, can quickly and accurately find out the problem, and help users troubleshoot 11.The GEN300 handle contains a smart chip, which can record the history of the host 12 The GEN300 handle can be equipped with an adapter cap with a manual control device for laparotomy, which not only facilitates operation, but also makes cutting and hemostasis more accurate. The foot control uses the same handle, which is durable and durable.14.Different blade styles to meet the needs of different departments and different operations in the hospital.15, 10mm blades have different blade surfaces: sharp surface, blunt surface, and flat surface, to meet the solidification of different tissues during surgery Need for cutting16, GEN300 blade or blade surface can be rotated 360 degrees to meet the needs of endoscopic surgery17.The shape of the blade has a straight shape or a curved shape, which has both separation and grasping functions18, 5mm curved shape Ultrasonic shears can ensure a good surgical field of view and minimal trauma during cutting and coagulation.19, GEN300 has a power level display when working, and there is a sound to indicate the working status when the cutter head is working.20, GEN300 host has its own Checking function, and the self-checking time is not more than three seconds, to meet the needs of clinical surgery21, there are three different sounds, and the sound can not be completely reduced to zero 22, GEN300 has two foot control sockets, and a wide foot switch 23. GEN300 is equipped with the necessary tools to detect the performance of the transducer handle and the cutter head. II. The advantages of Johnson & Johnson's ultrasonic blade 1. Johnson & Johnson's ultrasonic blade is currently the only ultrasonic blade with digital self-test function in the world. 2. Johnson & Johnson's ultrasonic blade is the only ultrasonic blade with FDA certification that can handle 5mm blood vessels; the cutting hemostasis effect of this ultrasonic blade is twice that of ordinary ultrasonic blades, which shortens the operation time and improves surgical safety. 3. Johnson's ultrasonic knife is the only ultrasonic knife with a manual control device, which further facilitates the doctor's operation. 4. Johnson & Johnson Ultrasound Blade has 21 different types of ultrasonic blades, which can adapt to various operations, and is also the only manufacturer with endoscopic thyroid surgical blades. 5. Johnson & Johnson is currently the company with the most complete network and the most comprehensive after-sales service. It has the largest domestic animal experiment base and can assist the hospital to carry out various operations.

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'Industry leading ultrasonic knife beauty instrument, Henan Sangong Bird Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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