How to control rice blast with sulphur tricyclazole mixture

The synergistic effect of sulfur and tricyclazole on rice blast is obvious, and it can delay the resistance of rice blast to tricyclazole. The mixture can replace some of the tricyclazole with sulfur, which can reduce the cost. The original two products of the mixture are suspension agents.
(1) 45% sulphur tricyclazole suspending agent is also called 瘟特灵, which contains 40% sulfur and 5% tricyclazole. Produced by pesticides in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. The control of spider mites was applied in the tillering stage of rice, and the control of rice blast was applied once in the rice rupture stage and the heading stage. 100-150 grams of the preparation per acre, sprayed on water.
(2) 40% sulphur tricyclazole suspension containing 35% sulfur and 5% tricyclazole, produced by Guangzhou Zhujiang Electrochemical Plant. Control the rice blast disease 120-200 grams per mu of secondary preparations.
In recent years, 20%, 40%, 45%, 46%, 50%, 60% wettable powders have been added, more than 30 trade names, and nearly 40 production plants. The formula and processing quality of each manufacturer's products are slightly different. The amount of medicine used to control rice blast is quite different. Please use it according to the product label.

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