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Security door is the protection of our family's security, so we must not be too hasty when choosing security doors, although not necessarily choose a big brand, but we must choose a product with quality system certification, in fact, the large security door on the gold It's pretty good, so today Xiao Bian has come to introduce you to the security door .

How is the gold security door

1 Introduction

The group company is located in the hardware capital of China and covers an area of ​​600,000 square meters with fixed assets of 15 billion yuan. Zhejiang Golden Gate Industry Co., Ltd. has achieved double the production and sales volume since its establishment and has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. The company has won the "China Security Technology Protection and Certification", "National Youth Civilization", "Zhejiang Famous Brand" and "National Quality Service Consumer Satisfaction Enterprise", and the product has been rated as "National Quality Trustworthy Product" and "China Quality Milestone Tracking Product". "The National Authority Tests Qualified and Reliable Products", "China Green Environmental Products", "China Light and Medium Quality Products", and "China Engineering Construction Recommended Products" and other honors, and in 2002 acquired Huangshan Golden Horse shares with the company's subsidiaries to become an industry The first stock listed company (Shenzhen Stock Exchange: 000980).

2 , corporate honor

The only company in China's door industry listed company's first industry green enterprise certification in Zhejiang Province

The only enterprise group in the region that exceeds 200 million in taxes

As the industry's only listed company in the gold gate industry, adhering to the concept of “quality management for all employees”, it strictly follows the ISO9000 quality system requirements. The products have passed GB17565-1998, GB12955-1991, Q/ZJD01-2004, GA/ T73-94 national standard.

Jinda is following a strict quality assurance system. Through the selection of excellent wood, extraordinary design, exquisite workmanship, and meticulous quality inspection, it is forged a fan-like door of exquisite luxury. The modern fashion design concept inherits the beauty of classics. China has demonstrated a compatible and inclusive Chinese culture.

3 , product quality

The gold gate industry takes “talent, science and technology, scale, and efficiency” as the core of the company and implements standardized and standardized management. In China, we employ a number of senior professionals who specialize in product design, development, mold manufacturing, and marketing management. The CAD/CAM mold design system and computer center and IBM RS/6000 workstation are built to ensure that the products are implemented with computer control from the design, process programming, process processing and sales network, thus ensuring the leading level of the products in the same industry.

Golden Gate Industry strictly follows the ISO9001 quality management system requirements and organizes production. All products have passed national standards of GB17565-2007, GB12955-2008, Q/ZJD01-2004 and GA/T73-94. The company has built 1600-2000T large-scale press line, surface phosphating processing line, advanced laser welding technology and automatic paint production line and nearly 200 production equipment. It has invested heavily in the introduction of laser cutting tools and three-coordinate measuring instruments for mold making from Italy, which is a powerful guarantee for the quality of anti-sliding doors.

4 , service system

The Golden Gate Industry adheres to specialized and branded marketing ideas. In the same industry, it has taken the lead in implementing the franchise business model. In the country, it has built a marketing network and a complete after-sales service system for nearly 1,000 franchised stores. All the employees of our golden gate industry will keep pace with the times, forge ahead and strive for progress. With the spirit of pragmatism, dedication and dedication, we will march ahead and innovate in the fierce market, and build the company's cause even more brilliant!

Golden security door price

Ordinary gold security door prices between 1200-2000 yuan, better to more than 2,000 yuan, high-end about 4500 yuan. The main function of high-grade gold anti-theft door is that it is better to prevent air leakage and has better fireproof performance. The anti-theft door must have the "FAM" sign, and refer to the general technical conditions of the anti-theft security door GB17565-1998. At present, there are only local standards for fireproof security doors in Shanghai and Chengdu. Grade A and Grade B fireproof security doors are generally divided into anti-burning time and meet flood prevention requirements. For example, door locks and cat's eyes must have fire detection reports. Fire entrance doors can be fitted with door collars, which cannot be installed in Class A. The lock has a tamper-proof function, that is, the lock body has both a diagonal lock tongue and a square lock tongue, but no world lock is allowed. The door frame thickness is 2.0, and the thickness of the front and back panels is 0.8.

Jinda Gangmu compound luxury villa entrance door, 3800 yuan each set.

Jinda high-quality anti-theft fire-proof steel-wood armored door, 7760 yuan each set.

Villa fire anti-theft luxury steel-wood armored entry door wood upscale community security door, 8888 yuan each set.

Custom Villa fire security luxury steel wood armor entry door high-grade security doors, 100,000 yuan each set.

The above is an introduction to the related contents of the Golden Security Door and I hope to help you. For more information on security doors, please continue to pay attention to information on this site.

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