Haier refrigerator French market increased by 30% in the first quarter

Haier refrigerator French market increased by 30% in the first quarter

A few days ago, Haier refrigerators released European market data from January to April. The data shows that in the French market, Haier refrigerators’ revenue for January-April increased by 30% year-on-year, and the Eastern European market increased by 221%. In sharp contrast to this, according to the French local GIFAM data, the sales of the industry increased by only 1% over the same period, and the sales volume only increased by 2%. The GFK data showed that the sales volume of the French refrigerator market was basically the same as last year, with no increase. This also fully reflects the market gains brought about by the Haier refrigerator globalization strategy.

It is understood that under the general market trend of economic globalization, regional integration, and global value chains, “going global” has become the most important path for Chinese companies to seize market opportunities. The success of Haier in overseas markets has become a benchmark for Chinese companies to “go global” and it also means that China’s home appliances have taken a new step in the international industrial division of labor.

In the globalization strategy of Haier Refrigerator, the role of Internet and information technology cannot be ignored. In the face of transparent and open market information and data, the user’s right to speak is unprecedentedly amplified and become a decisive force for the development of the industry. From this perspective, Haier Refrigerator established a “three-in-one” operation strategy of localized manufacturing, localized R&D, and localized marketing while “going out”, relying on factories, marketing centers, and R&D centers throughout the country. For a time, we have mastered the needs of users and quickly transformed them into products that fully meet the individual needs of users and have achieved a transformation from enterprise-oriented to user-oriented.

In the French refrigerator market, Haier’s open resource integration capabilities and localization innovations also complement each other. For the French consumers' demand for small size, large capacity, low energy consumption and high performance, Haier refrigerators have been acclaimed for products such as door-to-door refrigerators and Italian three-door refrigerators, and have become star products in the local market.

Among them, Haier Door Refrigerator ranked second in the local market, a 70cm wide Combi multi-door refrigerator was rated as the best choice of products by local consumer magazines. Haier’s share of refrigerators in the French market accounted for 12.6%, ranking third. In addition, the Haier T-shaped door new product is recognized after entering the French market is also very high, the amount of purchase orders in three months exceeded the annual budget.

While implementing Haier’s global brand strategy, the high-end strategy of Haier refrigerators has also become an important means of gaining market recognition. At present, Haier Refrigerator has successfully settled in the top five major sales channels in France and has been hailed by the French media as a "reliable Chinese brand". The brand value has been highlighted.

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