Fireproof module product eleven major features introduced

The new flame-retardant module is the third-generation fire-proof plugging product in China and is a national-level fire protection expert. It has a new generation of fire-proof plugging products developed on the basis of absorbing the advantages of various advanced fire-blocking products from around the world. It has The following features:

1. Outstanding advantages: The new flame-retardant module does not fly smoke, does not fall off, good insulation effect, fast heat dissipation, scientific and reasonable design, easy to use, long period of validity.

2. Anti-small animals, mouse bites: The product components are added with a special and non-polluting substance, so that there is a special smell to prevent the biting of small animals and mice. The new fire-retardant module overcomes the original flame-retardant products and needs to be equipped simultaneously. The disadvantages of rat drug; 3 new fire-retardant module can be reused: the product uses the form of each module, in the face of changes in sealing position and other factors, you can simply remove and move;

4. Long fire-resisting time: Because the products are made of special formula materials, the heat transferability is very poor, and the light-emitting penetration can be organized. The new flame-retardant module can increase the fire-resistant time to more than 5 hours, far exceeding the national standard of 3 hours ( For national fire protection products);

5. Good resistance to water, oil, and acid and alkali: The new flame-retardant module is insoluble in water, oil and other substances, and the product has good stability.

6. No toxic gas will be produced in the event of fire: no smoke or falling off. The overall new flame-retardant module is halogen-free and will not release toxic gases in the event of a fire; it is green and environmentally friendly.

7. Long product life: The new flame-retardant module has an effective period of more than 15 years and completely solves the defect that the original flame-retardant product must be replaced within 2-3 years. A single investment, maintenance-free; eliminating the need for repeated investment and construction, saving customers a large number of duplicate investment funds, economic benefits.

8. Can quickly integrate with the surrounding environment: The new flame-retardant module products are designed according to a fixed length. After the installation, they will be flat and orderly and will not collapse. The appearance is smooth and beautiful.

9. The installation is simple and convenient: The product is modular and has a special bump design. It can take 360 ​​degrees of natural snap-in installation. Because the new flame-retardant module is a soft material, the weight is light, the model is used to open the hole, and no special technical personnel is required. Can complete the installation.

10. Except for human damage caused by long-term use of all plugged parts, no natural damage, scattering, collapse, etc. will occur.

11. Environmental protection, non-pollution: The new fire-retardant module product adopts a variety of organic substances and is soluble in the natural environment. The product adopts natural occlusion without the use of formaldehyde and other toxic glues.

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