Fire door glue technology (high temperature 1200°C)

Fire door glue technology (high temperature 1200°C)
I. Overview:
From the Beijing Huaxia Keyuan Technology Development Center (select more good projects, please visit http://) Adhesive Expert Group developed a new type of special fire door rubber, mainly from sodium silicate, clay powder, fire retardant, polymer polymerization agent and other inorganic An inorganic polymer binder formed by mixing raw materials. When the product is fully dehydrated, the adhesive layer achieves the highest strength and is a good environmentally friendly fireproof door adhesive. Has a strong price competitive advantage.
Second, characteristics and technical indicators:
1. Inorganic silica gel is non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless, does not contain harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, etc., and the adhesive is cheap and has a strong competitive advantage;
2, with a strong bonding performance;
3, has a high degree of refractoriness (resistant to 1200 °C high temperature); combustion performance to A1 level. The smoke toxicity of the material is up to the safety level (AQ1);
Third, product use:
Can be used to bond aluminum silicate wool, rock wool, perlite fire board, vermiculite fire board, metal , ceramics and other materials and steel doors and wood fire doors and other materials; spray heating does not affect the strength of the adhesive layer.
Fourth, bonding process:
Fireproof Door Adhesive Bonding Process The surface of the steel plate must be clean and free of dust, rust, and oil before scraping. Place aluminum silicate cotton, rock wool, perlite fireproof board, vermiculite fireproof board and other filling materials. Joint door
V. Production Conditions and Profit Analysis:?
1. Equipment investment stirrer one (can be self-made) 3000-5000 yuan, various measuring instruments, workshop 50-100 square meters, workers 2-3 people,
2. Existing chemical plants, adhesives factories and paint factories can produce without additional equipment. ?
3, the product cost 800 yuan / ton, price 1800-2500 yuan / ton.
Six, technical services and costs:?
1. Providing manufacturers, who are responsible for formulation, process, personnel training and materials, for the concessionaire.
2. The technology transfer training fee is 20,000 yuan.
3. Charge d'affaires to do the test report of the green sign certification and the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center and the National Environmental Testing Center (at their own expense).
4. At the same time learning security doors (steel doors) styrofoam technology, transfer fees. Training costs a total of 38,000 yuan.
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