[Features] Maintenance Tips - Summer Kitchen Decoration Preservation

Because of the extreme weather events that are often too hot, too dry or excessively rainy or wet in the summer. Therefore, it has never been considered a good season for home improvement. In fact, in the summer construction, it is only necessary to pay attention to some important issues and to avoid quality problems. Here, Xiao Bian has specially collected the decoration information that is suitable for the summer construction, and hopes to help you to install a satisfactory home in this summer!
First, the door panel maintenance:
Wash often, wipe more often to keep the door dry.
Glossy door panels should be cleaned with a fine cloth.
Solid wood door panels, such as oak, beech, walnut, and other materials, can be cleaned with furniture water wax, which preserves the color of the logs for a long time.
Crystal door panels can be cleaned with a velvet cloth or wiped with a dry cloth.
Painted door panels should be wiped with a fine cloth and a neutral cleaning fluid to avoid contact with sharp objects to avoid scratches.
In addition, the operation of the switch door panel should be light, and the door hinge can be used regularly to extend the service life of the kitchenware. If the humidity inside the house is too high, a dehumidifier needs to be installed inside the kitchen, and the kitchen utensils can be kept dry to prevent deformation.
Second, kitchen maintenance:
Heavy objects should be placed under the kitchen counter in the kitchen counter. The kitchen counter should be kept dry. If there is water dripping, wipe it with a dry cloth as soon as possible. The sink kitchen counter must prevent leakage. If there is a leak, check the cause of the leak first. If it cannot be handled, look for the service person to resolve it.
Third, hang the kitchen maintenance:
Hanging kitchen should not place heavy objects, but should be placed lighter items, such as Spice jars, glasses and other things, so as not to damage the kitchen utensils.
Fourth, sink maintenance:
Use a neutral detergent and wash with a cotton cloth.
If there is water spot in the stainless steel sink, it can be scrubbed with detergent powder or vegetable cloth.
The sink should avoid heavy blows or sharp objects that can damage the surface.
Do not collect water in sink sinks. If there is poor drainage, repair personnel should be required to repair them as soon as possible.

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