Experts Reveal Secrets of Small House Kitchen Decoration 10 Tips

The kitchen is an indispensable functional area in the home life. Even a small apartment cannot be without it. Although it is indispensable, the fact that it is small in size has caused many small-sized apartment owners to feel very annoyed with their decoration. Here's an industry expert to reveal 10 small-sized kitchen renovation techniques for you, including detailed steps.
1. Choose kitchen configuration according to lifestyle
What kind of kitchen configuration did you choose for your lifestyle? What can I use for the kitchen? Most Chinese people think that this is a place to cook, and European and American families think that the kitchen should have TV, PARTY and other entertainment functions, which directly reflect the huge differences in lifestyle. The open kitchen makes the kitchen more spacious and open. It also allows the kitchen to accommodate more space functions. You can set up professional wine cabinets here to make the kitchen a wine tasting area; keep a small reading area here and read pastime here; reserve cable to meet your mobile office needs. Nowadays we can see more and more complete kitchen configurations. Choose some of them that suit you and order your own life.
2. Scientifically set up the ventilation system
The kitchen space is relatively small, and the density of the kitchen facilities is extremely high. Cabinets, kitchen appliances, cooking hobs, pipes, etc., plus our daily cooking in the kitchen, make it a smoke-filled place, whether from The comfort of people working in the kitchen is still considered from a safety point of view. Ventilation is very important for the kitchen. The layout of the delivery and exhaust outlets in the kitchen should be taken into account according to the specific location of the cooking appliances, and do not cause the fumes of the fumes when exhausted. For the sake of safety, the exhaust system of the kitchen should be divided according to the fire zone, try not to pass through the firewall, fire dampers should be installed when passing through.
3. Wall tiles are preferred for easy cleaning
Kitchen tiles should not only consider beauty, fashion, but also more importantly cleaning issues. There are several types of kitchen tiles, divided into glazed tiles, bricks, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, and mosaics. In areas with large areas such as kitchens, wall tiles are preferred for smooth or matte glazed tiles.
4 Tailored to the correct height of the table
The correct height of the operating table not only makes the kitchen work more smoothly, but also effectively prevents back and back diseases. From the point of view of humanity, according to different conditions of each person, usually 0 to 5 centimeters below the elbow is the reasonable height of the sink; the reasonable height of the console is 10 to 15 centimeters below the elbow, which can avoid leaning over for a long time; The table is generally 25 centimeters below the elbow, and the stove is at least 40 centimeters away from the wall to allow enough space for the operator to work freely. The free space between the operator's desk and the cooktop can be connected with a countertop to provide a convenient and useful working platform.
5. Improve the use of kitchen appliances
As an auxiliary tool to improve the quality of life, the development of kitchen appliances is closely related to the standard of living. In developed countries in Europe and America, each family owns between 30 and 40 small appliances. In the country, egg cookers, toasters, fruit juice makers, bread makers, frying pans, barbecue grills, etc. These emerging kitchen appliances can provide a lot of convenience for our daily life, but the real use of these small appliances The rate is not high.
In order to truly improve the "service efficiency" of these small appliances, we should pay attention to buying small kitchen appliances as needed. Try not to buy small home appliances that are not practical, and you should consider whether you really need it in your home. Second, try to purchase kitchen appliances that have multiple functions. For example, soya-bean milk makers choose to grind, juice, crush, make soy milk, and boil soy milk in one, so that you don't need to buy a soya-bean milk maker and buy a juicer or meat grinder.
6. Floor tiles to consider safety issues
From the material point of view, we must consider the load-bearing problems of the ground. Materials such as slate, ceramics or terracotta tiles cannot bear the weight of the ground, so use caution. If there is no problem with ground load, granite, ceramic tiles, wood and other materials will Refresh the kitchen. In terms of surface technology, floor tiles are best to choose a matte process, and at the same time choose dirt-resistant colors and non-slip treatment materials to prevent the kitchen soup water from making the floor slippery.
7. Set up the circuit in advance
Generally, in the hydropower reform, we must pay attention to the following issues: design the water circuit according to the use of water basins and electrical appliances, and reserve openings in the corresponding positions of the kitchen cabinet; determine the direction of the water route according to the use of hot and cold water; fully consider the safety issues, Such as: solutions for high-power electrical appliances, weak point safety tests, and water pressure tests.
8. Appropriately reduce the swing door
Swing doors are the most common way to open cabinets, but for cabinets and top cabinets, there is room for door opening. For the top cabinet, the cabinet doors can be moved upwards, and its superiority is particularly prominent in narrow and open inconvenient spaces. When the door is open, it will move upwards in parallel, and will not hit the head even if the installation position is low. The damping opening method can make the door stop at any point and is more convenient to operate. Items that are placed deep in the cabinet are generally more difficult to pick up, use drawers to avoid unnecessary squats, and do not have to vacate most of the contents of the cabinet to remove something. However, installing the drawer will be more expensive than installing the cabinet door, and it must be taken into consideration when selecting the configuration.
9. Set up auxiliary lighting in the right place
Good kitchens generally have higher lighting requirements. Good kitchen lighting can not only improve work efficiency and safety, but also affect people’s appetite and mood. In order to facilitate the operation of the kitchen, the lamps and lanterns mainly include downlights, downlights and ceiling lamps. In the cutting and cooking areas, auxiliary lighting can be provided at the junction of the wall cabinet and the wall. An embedded or semi-embedded diffused ceiling lamp is installed above the console, and a transparent glass or transparent plastic is used to cover the embedded opening. This can make the ceiling simple and reduce the troubles caused by dust and oil. General kitchen lighting, the light source should adopt incandescent lamp of warm color, should not use the cold color fluorescent lamp, because the light is also very important to the appearance of the food, it can influence people's appetite. Because people spend a lot of time in the kitchen, lighting should be pleasant and attractive, which can increase the enthusiasm for making food.
10. Reasonable maintenance makes the kitchen bright as new
Kitchen design is of course important, but regular cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen can often keep the kitchen clean as new. Kitchen cabinets: On weekdays, wipe with a slightly damp cloth. If it is difficult to wipe, use a neutral detergent and a light brush. The regular maintenance and disinfection can be wiped with a 1:1 dilution of bleach and water. Pots and pans and other objects should be dried as far as possible and then put into the cabinet. At the same time, sharp objects should not be directly scratched on the surface. Do not use steel brush to scrub.
Countertops: The daily cleaning of the countertops can be done with a damp cloth. If spots can be cleaned with soapy water and neutral detergents, do not use chemical cleaners. Use soapy water when encountering bad dirt. For countertops, you can use a decontamination powder and 3M nouveau cloth (yellow) to gently wipe in a circular manner. The same method can be applied to a case where the cigarette is burned.

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The sheep who like to be fond of the limelight do not want their home style to be consistent with others. The post-modern style emphasizes that the architecture and interior decoration should have a historical continuity, but it is not rigidly adhered to the traditional logical thinking mode, making the entire home environment fashionable and without losing the taste. Aries prefers to host friends at home. This style of decoration allows Aries to face face when it comes to hosting friends.

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