Distinguishing the technical data of the anti-theft safe

At present, anti-theft safes on the market have various shapes and styles. Consumers can purchase them according to their needs. Regardless of the type of anti-theft safe products purchased, consumers should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. The color of the exterior paint film (or spray film) of the anti-theft safe box should be uniform, and there must be no obvious defects such as cracks, gowns, and spots.

2. The electronic anti-theft box should be equipped with at least one electronic anti-theft lock but it must not use a magnetic card lock.

3. When using the carbon structural steel plate to make the box (and door leaf), the tensile strength of the steel plate is not less than 345Mpa. Thickness of steel plate: Grade A is not less than 6mm; Grade B is not less than 8mm. When using low-alloy high-strength structural steel plate to make box (and door leaf), the thickness of steel plate: Grade A is not less than 4mm; Grade B is not less than 6mm.

4, the safe box door opening angle is not less than 90 degrees. The maximum gap between the door leaf and the door frame is no more than 2mm. The surface flatness of the upper surface and both sides of the box is not more than 2.5mm, and the flatness of the door surface is not more than 1.5mm.

5, the electronic code lock can be arbitrarily changed, can use multiple passwords and multi-level management, enter the wrong code three times, automatically lock or alarm.

When consumers purchase, they can refer to the above technical data to ask and compare with the store to further identify the quality of the product.

Product Description:
1: Raw Material: 6063
2: Tempered: T5,T6.
3: Color: White, Blue, Grey or can be customized
4: Surface Treatment: Powder Coated, Electrophoresis or can be customized.
5: Packing: Each piece packed with clear plastic film, then packed with compound kraft paper. Or packed with shrink film. Or as your requirements.
6: Dimension of each piece: 5.8m to 6.0m so that can suit for the container

Payment Item:

T/T, L/C.


Quantity of one container:


20GP: 18-22 Metric Tons

40GP: 20-25 Metric Tons

40HQ: 20-27 Metric Tons.



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