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The role of aluminum gussets in modern home renovations is increasingly important. Not only is it common in kitchens and bathrooms, but some of the avant-garde families also have aluminum gussets in their bedrooms and living rooms. The reporter recently received calls from multiple readers and asked how the aluminum buckles were matched with the colors of the walls and the ground. How they coordinated with the decoration style of the homes, the reporter visited the relevant experts.

Room with just 0.6 mm

There are many kinds of aluminum buckles, which are roughly divided into long-shaped aluminum buckles, square-plated aluminum buckles, and stained glass buckles. There are many specifications for the aluminum buckle plate, including the panel width, thickness and hemming height of the plate. The selection should be based on the characteristics of the home. Aluminum buckle plate is divided into two kinds of surface punching and plane. The surface punching can breathe sound and sound, and the interior of the buckle plate is covered with a layer of film cushion, and the moisture can be absorbed by the film through the punching hole, so it is most suitable for the kitchen with more moisture. The 600mm×600mm micro-hole square plate, F297H30 strip plate and M185H20 aluminum buckle plate are widely used in the market.

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The quality of aluminum gussets is not entirely thin and thick. The key lies in the texture of aluminum. The aluminum gussets used in general projects are 0.8 mm thick or even thicker. Because some aluminum gussets are used in engineering, they are very long and are not deformed. Use thicker, harder ones. On the contrary, aluminum buckles for home improvement are rarely more than 4 meters, and there is no heavy weight on the aluminum buckle ceilings. Therefore, 0.6 mm of aluminum buckles for home improvement are sufficient. The brand name products sold on the market are basically based on 0.6 mm.

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So why are some brands 0.8mm is not good, some of the miscellaneous brands, can use aluminum cans, because of the quality of aluminum itself, so want to make the aluminum buckle is very thin but not possible, because aluminum The material is not good, the board can not be thinned evenly, so they can only do thick.

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In addition, how to identify the quality of the aluminum buckle plate? In addition to paying attention to the finish of the surface, we must observe whether the thickness of the board is even, and pinch the board by hand to feel whether the elasticity and toughness are good.
Toilet to choose hollow pattern

The most common place for aluminum gussets in the home is the bathroom and the kitchen. After the ceiling is installed in the bathroom, the height of the room will be greatly reduced (the upper sewer pipe will be sealed above the ceiling). In the bath, especially in winter, the water The vapor spreads to the surroundings. If the space is very narrow, people will soon feel bored. People with bad health may even be in danger, but using a fan to circulate air will undoubtedly be too cold.

At this time, the ceiling of the hollow pattern will play a very good role. It will cause the vapor to evaporate upwards without hindrance. At the same time, because of its thin paper-like insulation layer, the temperature difference between the air in the space above and below, the water vapor rises to After the top of the ceiling, it quickly condenses into water droplets. It does not drip and fall onto people. It has a double effect.
Kitchen to choose flat type

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There are many colors available in the kitchen for the selection of aluminum gussets, which can make your kitchen have a different kind of charm and give yourself a good mood. Second, it is good and clean. This is the most important thing. In the kitchen, inevitably there will be a lot of fumes, even if you cook less often, after a year or two it will be obvious that the color of the kitchen is a lot darker. The ceiling is a very important part when you want to clean, and almost 70% to 80% of the fumes are on the ceiling.

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If you chose the hollow pattern ceiling in your home improvement, it would be impossible to clean it because the fumes have already penetrated into the hollow flowers, but the flat ceiling does not have this problem. Wipe it with a cloth and brush it. Get settled quickly. I have done this work once and it works very well. Although there are many kinds of aluminum buckles in the building materials market, there is an idea of ​​being inseparable in the minds of the building materials market, and visiting the building materials market can be a kind of enjoyment.
Aluminum buckle plate installation order is very important

The installation of the aluminum buckle plate ceiling is not complicated. Pay attention to the installation sequence of the bathroom heater, water heater, exhaust fan, hood, and lamp. Do not install the exhaust fan (Yuba) directly on the aluminum buckle plate with screws. Otherwise, after the installation of the aluminum buckle plate, the owner of the exhaust fan (Yuba) will find that there is a "click" sound, because after the aluminum buckle plate is lifted, the closed space at the top will form a resonant cavity regardless of the quiet effect of the exhaust fan (Yuba). How good will be expanded many times. The correct installation sequence is: first install the Yuba, exhaust fan, and then do the aluminum buckle plate ceiling (Yuba, exhaust fan can use expansion bolts and wire hanging directly on the top of the coagulation. It is best not to use steel wire, the plasticity of the steel wire is relatively poor).
If the exhaust fan exhaust hose is longer (more than 1 meter long), it is best to have workers fix it at the top. Otherwise, the exhaust pipe will vibrate when the exhaust fan is turned on, and the “click” sound will be loud. The fixing method is very simple. It only needs to use scotch tape to fix it. It can reduce a lot of noise.
The correct order for the installation of the kitchen gusset plate is to fix the hood and flues of the hood first, and to select the location where the range hood needs to be installed at the other end, and to buy the lamp used in the kitchen, and do not need to install. Then the aluminum buckle plate ceiling. When it is necessary to install large lamps, it is best to use wooden keel to reinforce the lamps alone. Although the light steel keel is not easily deformed in the ceiling, the large lamps are heavy, and the keel will change for a long time when they are hung on the keel.
At present, the brands with better quality aluminum buckles on the market are Hong Kong Yangba, Huashilong, Hyundai, etc. The price is around RMB 150. Everyone can choose according to their own needs.

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