Anti-Rust Spray/ Antirust Oil/ Antirust Lubricant 700ml

Cleans and removes adhesives, grease, tar, gums, etc from all surfaces. Cleans and protects against rust. Cleans and removes rust from tools, engine parts and chrome parts.

Removes moisture from all surfaces, eg: Spark plugs, car ignitions tools joints, out board motor and machines.

Loosens and thoroughly penetrates rusted parts, locks, seized nuts and bolts, valves, joints and rusted metal belts.
Penetrates and lubricates hinges, doors, windows, springs, pulleys, chains, clutches and other moving parts, thus stops noisy squeaks.

Lubricates and un-jams sticky engine parts, joints, linkages and cables. Cleans and penetrates engine inner parts and removes rust.
Used to:
Machines, molds, electric tools, hinges, door chains, bearings, cars, motorcycles, boats, motors, electric contacts and etc.

Directions for use:
Shake can well and spray from a distance of 20-30cn evenly over area to be protected. It is recommended to test compatibillty with painted or coated surfaces, plastics, rubbers and other elastomers prior to use.

Pressurized container. Contains butane. Extremely flammable liquefied gas. Keep container in well-ventilated place. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50centigrade. Keep away from sources of gnition.

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