Before the decoration, the third party supervision related questions and answers

What is the third-party supervision of decoration?

Decoration supervision is the product of engineering supervision market segmentation. It is composed of site management personnel specializing in the decoration industry, obtained supervision qualifications by the government, obtained supervision qualifications, and provided owners with professional quality supervision and management services during the renovation process. Functional organization.

Owners often ask that the decoration company has provided supervision services for us. Do I still need to hire a third-party supervision company?

Here, I would like to explain that the “Construction Law of the People's Republic of China” implemented in 1998 specifically provided for specific regulations for supervisors: the supervision should be an independent third party, an institution with legal personality, and a construction unit and material supplier. There must be no affiliation and other interests. Its responsibility is to provide suggestions, solutions and solutions in an objective, timely and effective manner based on facts.

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