Bearing steel casting

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Bearing steel casting

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Bearing steel casting summary: bearing name is rolling bearing with compressive strength fatigue limit hardness high wear resistance must be resistant to hardenability sulfur phosphorus handling extremely strict high-grade high-quality steel specific gravity 7.81 bearing casting temperature initial forging temperature final satin temperature Casting shovel excluding table defects as far as possible to preheat the rapid heating work hours to prevent the brittle area working hours to prevent entry into the high temperature brittle area than to prevent entry into the brittle area heat treatment pre-heat treatment spheroidized liquid dynamic pressure bearing common shaft shell shaft bearing steel full name is roll bearing steel; High compressive strength and fatigue limit; high hardness; high wear resistance and must-tolerance; good hardenability; extremely strict control of sulfur and phosphorus; high-grade high-quality steel; can be used as cold-working steel. 7.81
(1) Bearing steel casting temperature
(1) Initial forging temperature: 1150 (1120) final satin temperature: 850 (800) degrees.
(2) Disadvantages of the excavation table before casting; heat up as soon as possible after preheating.
(3) During warm processing; should prevent 200-400 degree blue brittle area. During hot processing; should prevent entry into high temperature brittle area (greater than 1250). It should be prevented from entering hot fragile area (800~~950 degrees).
(2) Post-forging heat treatment
(1) Pre-heat treatment after forging (spheroidizing annealing) End heat treatment (quenching + low temperature tempering)
(2) Spheroidizing annealing intention: lowering the hardness; facilitating processing; preparing for quenching.
Spheroidizing annealing process: heating to 750 ~ ~ 770 degrees; insulation must be time; in the cold cooling to 600 degrees below air cooling.
(3) Various bearing steel quenching + low temperature tempering and hardness table steel quenching temperature and quenching medium low temperature tempering hardness HRC
GCr6 800~820 water or oil 150~170 62~64
GCr9 800~830 water or oil 150~170 62~64
GCr9SiMn 810~820 water or oil 150~160 62~64
GCr15 820~846 oil 150~160 62~64
GCr15SiMn 800~840 oil 150~170 62~64
(3) Quenching and quenching media
(1) Quenching color (experience) White is the hardest and brittle; yellow is hard and tough; blue is soft and tough.
(2) Quenching medium
A water: usually the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees; there must be no oil; Panyu and other impurities.
B Salt and alkali aqueous solution: add 5~10% salt or alkali in water.
The cooling rate of the salt solution is ten times that of water; the hardness is high and uniform; but the arrangement stress is large; there is a certain rust effect. The temperature is less than 60 degrees.
Alkaline solution (caustic aqueous solution) is highly corrosive;
C oil: contains oil; spindle oil; transformer oil; diesel, etc. can reduce deformation and cracking. Not applicable to carbon steel. Oil temperature: 60~~80 degrees; the highest does not exceed 100~120 degrees.
(4) Tempering temperature The bearing steel is selected for low temperature tempering. Temperature: 150~250 degrees. Under the premise of insisting on high hardness and high wear resistance; reducing internal stress and brittleness; avoiding cracking or premature failure during use. Hardness HRC: 58~~64.

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