A simple way to select and inspect the quality of blockboard (large core)

Here are some simple ways to select and check the quality of blockboard (large core):

1, the surface level

The level of the general joinery panel is grade B or BB, which is also known as the face A. There are no defects such as wormholes, dead knots, chromatic aberrations, patches, and decay on the panel. Depending on the application or quality requirements, the floor level will vary considerably. A good bottom plate is the same as a panel. There may be some material defects such as wormholes, dead knots, chromatic aberrations, patches, etc. on the poor bottom plate.

2, flatness

a) The horizontal smoothness of the board surface can be felt by hand sliding on the board surface; when looking at the boardboard surface, the flatness of the blockboard can be clearly seen.

b) High-quality blockboard, because of its good materials and fine workmanship, the board surface will be very flat and feel smooth. Inferior blockboard, because of its poor material and rough workmanship, it can be seen that the surface of the board is uneven, and it feels convex and concave.

3, core board quality

High-quality blockboard, the seam between the core boards is dense; when the board is hit, the sound is “crunchy”. Inferior blockboard, the joints between the core boards are large, and even some of the strips are defective and decaying. Such blockboards have many internal voids; when tapping the board, the sound is "boring".

4, strength

Lift up the blockboard and shake it a little. If you feel that the board is very solid, it means that the inner quality is good and the strength is high. If the board is "twisted", there is a squeaking sound, indicating that the board is inferior.

5, smell and environmental protection

If the board emits a pungent odor, the environmental protection of the panel is not up to standard; the environmentally-friendly blockboard emits the smell of the wood itself, which is not irritating. However, if you want to finalize whether the blockboard meets environmental requirements, you should also ask a special wood-based panel testing agency for testing.

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