2012 China Construction Waterproofing Industry Quality Improvement Campaign Launched

On March 30th, the China Construction Waterproofing Association passed the 'Starting 2012 Annual Campaign for Quality Improvement of China's Construction Waterproofing Industry' at the 5th Session of the 6th (Extended) Working Session of the 6th Session. Through the AQSIQ, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will work with related departments to conduct quality inspections on waterproof product quality; revise production licenses; formulate industry entry requirements; publish industry self-discipline declarations and other activities to improve the overall quality of China's construction waterproofing industry.

Zhu Dongqing reported on the economic operation of the waterproofing industry and the working ideas of the government departments in charge of improving the quality of waterproofing products and accelerating the structural adjustment of the waterproofing industry, including the revision of the "Implementation Rules for the Production of Construction Waterproof Coil Products" in accordance with the Industrial Policy. We carried out a nationwide random inspection of product quality, cracked down on unlicensed production, cracked down on the behavior of certified companies producing unlicensed products to evade production license management, and established an industry access system.

Miao Yan conveyed the “Seminar on the Quality Improvement of Waterproof Coil Products” held by the Quality Supervision Department of the State Bureau of Technical Supervision in Suzhou on March 13th. The spirit: Implementing relevant national industrial policies, eliminating backward production capacity, and promoting energy conservation, emission reduction, and promotion With regard to product quality, the State Bureau of Technical Supervision has taken the promotion of the quality of waterproof materials as one of the key monitoring tasks in 2012. The Raw Materials Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has also listed the development of construction waterproof seal materials industry as one of the key tasks for 2012.

The association will also assist the National Production Licensing Office to revise the "Implementation Rules for Construction Waterproof Coil Products Production Licenses" as soon as possible in accordance with the industrial policies of the Ministry of Industry and Development and the National Development and Reform Commission, and assist the State Bureau of Technical Supervision in verifying the issued production licenses in accordance with industrial policies and assisting Improve supervision and management and exit mechanisms. At the same time, the association will cooperate with the investigation of unlicensed production companies, especially the key to investigate and punish the production of low-quality and unlicensed products by certified companies, thus evading the supervision of production licenses.

Zhu Dongqing emphasized that the quality of products relates to the fundamentals of the survival of enterprises and industries. He proposed to determine 2012 as the quality improvement year for the waterproof industry. He said that through the various activities of quality improvement, the quality of products in the building waterproofing industry will be upgraded. Improve the quality of building waterproofing products, adjust the industrial structure and save energy and reduce emissions. Combating fake and shoddy products will help the long-term healthy development of the industry. The waterproofing industry must seize the opportunity to achieve effective results.

Regarding the proposals put forward by the delegates on spot checks of product quality in circulation and construction projects, Zhu Dongqing said that the association will actively report to relevant departments and seek support.

President of the China Academy of Building Materials Science and Research Institute Suzhou Waterproofing Co Yongyong introduced the recent situation of national sampling of waterproofing membranes and put forward the idea of ​​investigating unlicensed production. He said that the association should strengthen linkages with the industrial and commercial and construction sectors, strengthen follow-up supervision after inspections, and prevent relapse. He also put forward questions and suggestions on standardized management and investigation.

The heads of local associations introduced the situation where local unlicensed enterprises produced 'unlicensed' (better than national standard) products and certified companies produced 'undocumented' (better than national standard) products. They all agreed that the management of production licenses is directly related to building safety and relates to people's health and property safety. It must ensure that production licenses are in place and that market economic order is maintained. Unlicensed production has great harm. It disrupts the normal market order and price, shoddy, and disrupts the quality of the project. It has a great impact on construction safety and creates a great waste of energy. It causes environmental pollution during production and construction and affects people's health.

Participants suggested that law enforcement investigations should be carried out on enterprises without production licenses; law enforcement investigations must fully consider the resistance of local protection and administrative inaction by local law enforcement agencies; establish linkage mechanisms with the public security, construction, and industry and commerce departments; Not to leave hidden dangers, not only to impose fines, but also to seal up and arrange supervision to prevent recurrence; to strengthen the crackdown on the production of 'undocumented' (better than national standard) products by certified companies, the key is to work with the National Standards Committee to formulate plans to guard against certified companies. Use corporate standards below the national standard to evade the management of licenses.

Zhu Dongqing, Chairman of the China Building Waterproofing Association, Li Weiguo, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Ms. Miao, Secretary-General attended the meeting. The Vice Chairman of the Association, the heads of the 5 key waterproofing companies, and the leaders of 9 local associations of major producing areas for waterproof materials were invited to attend the meeting.

Release Date:2012/4/20 9:23:11

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